Federal waiver for No Child Left Behind

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Federal waiver for No Child Left Behind

Post  Shmerlin on Fri Feb 10, 2012 2:50 am


Florida has received a waiver from complying with some of the federal No Child Left Behind education law's requirements.

The waiver, which was announced Thursday and still requires state officials to make some changes, will allow the Sunshine State to move to using its A-to-F school grading system as its single statewide accountability system.

Precisely how some of the changes resulting from this waiver will play out at the district and school level are to be determined. In Palm Beach County, officials including chief academic officer Judy Klinek and performance accountability chief Marc Baron said they are pleased to see flexibility from the federal government but are waiting to hear more about how the waiver will affect this county.

"If we could have the ability to go around some things that are cumbersome, that would be wonderful," Klinek said.

Florida was one of 10 states to be granted an exemption from many facets of the law. An 11th state, New Mexico, is working with the White House to receive a waiver.

I think this is a good move, NCLB was a great idea in theory, but it just couldn't pan out in the real world. It created a totally unfair system.


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