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Code of Conduct

Post  Admin on Sat Jan 28, 2012 12:46 pm

1. Please post in English:
The official language of this forum is English. If we get enough support to add other countries to our forum, they may post in their primary language. Untill then please post in English.
2. Respect:
Treat the guest, users, and moderators with utmost respect. Moderators are here to help us make our stay in this forum pleasant and enjoyable. They will strictly enforce the rules and will give proper sanctions to those who violate it. Treat others as you would like to be treated.
3. Search Function:
Use the Forum Search function before you post. There is a big chance your question has been answered already in a different thread.
4. Spam:
We will allow anonymous posting. However do not start direct spamming or blatant advertising. This forum is not a place for you to earn money through your referrals. You will be IP Banned.
5. Multi-posting:
No multiple postings. Post your question once and put it in the proper forum/thread to avoid duplicates.
6. Patience:
Please be patient. Don’t expect a reply to your post immediately. Not all users are available online so try to wait reasonable time for answers.
7. New Topics:
Always use the subject field when creating a new thread. Use words that describe your post. This will help you in getting constructive answers from other users.
8. Relevence:
If you don’t have something helpful to say on a certain matter, don’t post it. Don’t just post to increase your numbers. It has no effect at all to your experience as a user. Also please do not go off the original thread topic, this will help to avoid getting other members/guests confused.
9. Offensive content:
Offensive comments, harassments and profanities will not be tolerated. Our moderators will be force to suspend or put your account in the Ban list, also please refer back to Rule #2
11. Adult Content:
Adult Material/Pornographic contents/links are prohibited. This is a forum for education.
12. Grievances:
If you have grievances or you have something against another user, use Report this post icon and give reasons or justifications. Never post your grievances publicly without consulting the Forum Moderator or Administrator.
13. Copywrited/illegal material:
Never distribute contents, warez, cracks, serials obtained from illegal source. Links or references to such content are also prohibited.

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