Should Teachers Grade Parents?

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What do you think about grading parents?

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Should Teachers Grade Parents?

Post  Shmerlin on Sun Jan 29, 2012 1:07 pm

The legislature has had a bill submited that will allow teachers Pre-K through 5th, to grade parents. They would be graded Satisfactory, Needs Improvement or Unsatisfactory. The grades would be based on criteria including the student’s attendance record, whether the parent responds to requests for parent-teacher conferences and whether the parent has provided proper contact and background information including immunization records.

Personally I'm thinking that, if properly managed, this would be a good idea. Right now teachers are graded on how well their students do. Nothing is really taken into consideration about the students external stimuli. Which teacher is going to get a higher evaluation raiting. The one who works with kids from better off family's? The ones who've had tutoring and activties and don't have to worry about meals and clothes and where they live? Or the student that has "Uncle Jimmy" getting "wasted" on the couch at midnight with the music blarring. Worrying about drive-by's or drug dealers on the corner and things like that


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